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Mothers experience our care as warm, personal and involved. In addition to the best obstetric care, you can count on a lot of personal attention. This allows you to go through your pregnancy feeling confident and well prepared for childbirth.


See you soon at Aanvang!

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WHAT TO EXPECT  why do our mothers give us a 9.8?

Getting to know Aanvang 

We schedule 20 minutes per checkup (instead of the usual 10).

We schedule appointments during days and evenings.

In pregnancy you will meet every midwife of your team

Mothers describe our care as warm, personal and involved.

Would you like to give birth in a bath or in another position? We support you in your own choice.

What parents say about our care is we are committed, well knowlegded and always innovating. Our care is involved, professional and up-to-date.

We make a initial ultrasound early in the pregnancy. This happens in our own practice, with the newest equipent. You see your beautiful baby, pictured large on the wall.

We also offer lactation assistance (help with breastfeeding) in the period after your maternity week.

We do blood checks at the practice. 

Sometimes a pregnancy ends in a early stage. Also in this case you can count on our support.